BABS 3 in development

I already spread some stuff on the forums, but now I feel I’ve been working on this sufficiently seriously to put this officially on the map.

BABS 3 is officially in development. It will be a heavily re-engineered and refactored version of the BABS 2.5 engine, which should allow people to make much more interesting games without a lot of additional effort.

Things BABS 3 will support for sure include:

– A vastly improved SMEE editor, with a more intuitive interface (I might throw in a resolution increase too).

– Support for arbitrary tile sizes and resolutions (so finally you can use those neat 42×42 tiles for your Hitchhiker’s Guide fangame ;)).

– Improved performance and responsiveness of the overall toolkit.

– Severe enhancements in the roleplaying department. This will evolve as I work on it, but for sure I’m going to add interactive dialogues and a personality engine. The latter will ensure that the responses of NPCs  will match the way you roleplay (so no more mr. NPC Nice Guys when you start behaving like a murderous idiot :)).

What it will for sure NOT include:

– Kickass graphics (there are other games for that).

However, I might write out a graphics contest or two to improve the visuals of BABS 3 and its corresponding game. These contests will include some kickass prizes and I’ll let you know more about it in due time.

BABS 3 will also get its own game, which actually is the main reason why I’m working on BABS 3. Also, it will remain open source and supported by the lads here at the Source (yes, that includes me too, despite my near-decadal hiatus :P).

If there are any things you’d like to see, or you’d like to help in the graphics department, feel free to let me know by posting on one of the forums!

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