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New Project – Kings of Ember

It’s always exciting to see new Shining-style projects appear! DrEthan recently contacted me to let me know about his project, Kings of Ember. It’s been under development for around a year now, and there are playable demos available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the game already features a working Shining-style battle system. The demo also contains a little town area to explore and some NPC’s to chat with.

Word of advice: the demo gives you some different weapons in your inventory, so be sure to equip them to help with defeating the brick golem.

You can find out more information and download the demo on the Kings of Ember project page at Game Jolt.

You can also leave feedback in the Kings of Ember forum topic.

The Legend of Syro – Chapter 1 released

Chapter 1 of The Legend of Syro is now available for download, and it’s been well worth the wait!

A quick list of changes in the complete story:

  • 4 New battles
  • Valdrfjell (Town)
  • New Enemies
  • Forest Serpent
  • Bat
  • Timber Wolf
  • Pack Leader
  • Vampire Bat
  • Golem
  • RockGolem
  • Lots of new cutscenes

See the complete changelog for all changes in this version (and all previous ones).

There are also factions to join, secrets to find and a full story to play through. The battle engine is extremely polished, items and magic all work nicely. Enemies also have pretty good AI and won’t hesitate to attack your healer at the worst possible time.

Download: The Legend of Syro 1.6.1

News and updates about the project are posted at Ye Olde Blah and SFC pretty frequently. You can also view the project page here at The Shining Source.

New demo released for The Legend of Syro


It’s been a little while since the last Legend of Syro demo was released, but Chaoswizard98 has been working hard to create something amazing!

There’s a very long list of improvements and new features, but here are some of the big ones:

  • Fully working save system
  • Church and advisor menus
  • New cave map
  • New below ship map
  • Darkness in battles (this is really cool!)
  • New (secret) cutscenes
  • Weapons display in battle
  • Chests can be looted in battle
  • New items to collect

Enough talking, go play it!

Download: The Legend of Syro 1.4.1

News and updates about the project are posted at Ye Olde Blah and SFC pretty frequently. You can also view the project page here at The Shining Source.

New battle cutscenes for The Legend of Syro

Chaoswizard98 dropped another update for The Legend of Syro. The video below shows off the battle cutscenes along with some very cool archery abilities.

There have been plenty of other improvements too! Loading, saving and promotions are now working from the church menu. The advisor menu is also complete and can be used to add and remove characters from your force.

There are still a few more things to finish before Alpha 1.4 is released. From the forum topic:

The remaining To-Do list for Alpha 1.4 is as follows.

– Fix Egress (Currently just restarts the battle and heals all characters)
– Add “Below ship map”
– Finish rigging characters for battle weapons
– Add ranged weapons (and exploding arrows) to battle cutscenes.
– Search in battle
– Battle platforms (Because y’all keep bugging me about this! lol)
– Polish existing dialogue / cutscenes.

Source: Ye Olde Blah – The Legend of Syro (Shining Force Fan Game)

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