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Legacies of Veridocia – Demo 2.5 released

The Legacies of Veridocia team have released a new demo of their stellar Shining-style RPG.

Below is a list of changes from the official release notes:

  • Adjusted Battle 2
  • Changed the UI to make magic selection clearer
  • Changed the Move area to be nicer to look at
  • New scene and location after Battle 2
  • Access to the World Map
  • New location and Battle 3

The demo contains towns to explore and battles to fight, all tied together with some very Shining-style cutscenes.

I highly recommend giving it a go if you haven’t had already. There’s an incredible amount polish, especially for a demo, and everything has a nice feel to it. The music and artwork are fantastic, and the battle animations in particular are really well done.

Download Legacies of Veridocia 2.5

Go try it out!

Source: Demo 2.5 Release

Legacies of Veridocia – Demo #2 Footage

The Legacies of Veridocia team have released a video of demo #2 in action. It’s well worth watching if you haven’t played the demo, and it shows off a lot of gameplay and the excellent graphics and animation.

Be sure to download the demo from the Legacies of Veridocia homepage (available for Windows, Mac and Linux). It’s extremely polished and is a lot of fun play.

Visit the demo download page

Demo #3 is under active development, although there’s currently no scheduled release date.

Source: Legacies of Veridocia – Demo #2 Footage