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Kings of Ember 0.6.1 released

There’s a new update to Kings of Ember!

DrEthan stopped by the forum with a quick overview of what’s new:

I released a small update on Game Jolt, here is a synopsis.

  • Battle walk animations for the enemies
  • Settings menu
  • Logic in dialogues

The latest version is available from GameJolt for Windows, Mac OS and Linux:

Download Kings of Ember 0.6.1

Quick battle tip: The Brickman is a little tough with the starting sword. There are stronger weapons available from the shop that can be bought once a few enemies have been defeated.

Source: Kings of Ember Fan Game

Kings of Ember v0.6 Released

DrEthan stopped by Ye Olde Blah to let everyone know there’s a new update to Kings of Ember – and it’s a big one!

Here’s a quick look at what’s been added:

Yaaaaaa, I released another update a few days ago and I decided to post a summary here.

  • Added main menu
  • Added saving and loading
  • added money
  • added item drops
  • added shop

The complete list of changes, as well as the new demo, can be found on the Kings of Ember GameJolt page.

Kings of Ember 0.5.1 released

DrEthan dropped by Ye Olde Blah to spread a little extra cheer for the holidays – a new demo of Kings of Ember!

Hello everyone, happy holidays! I just updated my game on GameJolt and I decided to post a summary here! So here is a list of changes (this is usually called a change list)

  • Added attack animation for Enu Knight casting magic.
  • Redid the inventory menu so that it is now a scroll rect and you can see the stats of the items.
  • Added death animations for the Goblin and the Brick Man.
  • Removed the black outline for the villager eyes and nose.
  • Made the villager’s pupils be in the center of the eye instead of them being cross-eyed.
  • Implemented walls, art on the walls, windows on the walls, door, and a countertop.

Read the whole change list here

Have a good time with your family and friends, and if you have comments or suggestions please post them down below. Bye!
– DrEthan

The new demo is available on the Kings of Ember project page at Game Jolt. Go try it out!

New Project – Kings of Ember

It’s always exciting to see new Shining-style projects appear! DrEthan recently contacted me to let me know about his project, Kings of Ember. It’s been under development for around a year now, and there are playable demos available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the game already features a working Shining-style battle system. The demo also contains a little town area to explore and some NPC’s to chat with.

Word of advice: the demo gives you some different weapons in your inventory, so be sure to equip them to help with defeating the brick golem.

You can find out more information and download the demo on the Kings of Ember project page at Game Jolt.

You can also leave feedback in the Kings of Ember forum topic.