Immunity Force Released!

Aura4 recently got in touch about his new Shining-style game, Immunity Force.

A screenshot from Immunity Force. A virus is about to attack one of the player's characters.

Immunity Force puts you in control of human immune cells as they battle viruses that have entered the body. It’s definitely the most original theme I’ve seen for a Shining-style game!

The player character, Neutro, prepares to move around the map.

The game has many of the features you’d expect to see, and there’s a nice Shining Force II style to the UI. Battles are turn-based, and you gain XP from defeating your enemies which makes you stronger as you level up.

The first battle can be a little tricky, but once you get used to the enemy’s range you’ll vanquish them in no time.

Download it below and give it a try!

Download Immunity Force

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