Kings of Ember 0.6.1 released

There’s a new update to Kings of Ember!

DrEthan stopped by the forum with a quick overview of what’s new:

I released a small update on Game Jolt, here is a synopsis.

  • Battle walk animations for the enemies
  • Settings menu
  • Logic in dialogues

The latest version is available from GameJolt for Windows, Mac OS and Linux:

Download Kings of Ember 0.6.1

Quick battle tip: The Brickman is a little tough with the starting sword. There are stronger weapons available from the shop that can be bought once a few enemies have been defeated.

Source: Kings of Ember Fan Game

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How do i save i couldnt figure it out also when my char died do i retain exp and gold or does it reset?

:( Stefanos May 15, 2018 at 11:08 am

Hello Stefanos, thank you for playing and commenting on my game! To answer your question saving is done automatically, this happens when you leave the battlefield (either by killing all the enemies or waiting on the village tile), and when you buy an item from any of the shops. To answer the second part, when you lose the battle (when your characters all die) the battle scene reloads which means you lose all of the stuff that you acquired during your last try. Once again thanks for asking questions it is helpful to me to see what I need to make more clear.

:( DrEthan May 18, 2018 at 2:27 pm

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