SFTA : HQ contest part III

3 new characters have been uploaded to the site, namely Jaedyn, Vincent and Karl. You can find them in the SFTA World > Characters section.

For those who dont know about this, its a simple contest in which people get the chance to submit ideas for HQ quotes for the characters. I will select my favourite 10 quotes submitted, and those stand a good chance of making it to the final game.

What do you get out of this ?

Well, after going through all the characters, Ill pick the all time favoured quote, and the person who submitted it will have a character named after him/her and will also have the character designed to his/her specifications.

Our usual venue of this contest will soon be undergoing a massive change, and the forum database will likely be unavailable to people like me after the change, so, in order to keep a good record of all the submitted quotes, id like you all to EMAIL them to me at the following address ::


Thank you for reading, and have fun in the contest =]


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