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Dark Resurrection – More screens!

Yep, Peter has been working hard and has recently released  some more great screenshots in the forums. There’s another look at a previously shown town, and also a first look at the insides of the church.

Dark Resurrection - Town Screenshot Dark Resurrection - Church Screenshot

I’m sure you’ll agree that things are progressing very nicely, and there’s certainly a nice Shining style to the graphics.

More screenshots are available in the official Dark Resurrection Screenshot Thread.

More Dark Resurrection Screens

Peter has posted several new screenshots of his project Dark Resurrection. Today we’re looking at two new objects – a train carriage and a Blood Born.

The carriage will be part of a “moving battlefield”, which sounds a lot like an excellent battle from Shining Force III. The Blood Born is still undergoing changes, but looks great and I’m definitely looking forward to fighting it ;)

Dark Resurrection - Carriage  Dark Resurrection - Blood Born

More are available in the Dark Resurrection screenshot thread, and you can keep up to date with his progress in the update thread.

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