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SF:TA update

Thanks to Produn for this update on SF:TA!

“Yes, after a long time we’ve managed it to do a update. Dev I myself Produn still are busy with our exams, so the development stopped a bit. But we got a new addition to the force – AJ Letson, who hopefully brings new energy to the team.

Remember were still searching for lots of helpers, like programmers,CG artists and music makers.

Now to the update –

The chara section is now almost done, just some bios have to be added, but the portraits for all charas are done. And even if we have all chara portraits done, the secret charas wont be revealed until games finished ;) Also we now have a complete monster list, and this list is very long

What we are working next on strongly depends on what help will maybe arrive. It would be cool if 1-2 programmers find the way here, cause a new demo isnt to far away. Or some CG artist for beginning with the weapon and chara sprites.”

SFTA Phoenix Demo

Sorry about the lack of updates for SFTA … infact, there have been no updates to report at all … The project died late last year with the closure of the HQ contest.

However, the lead team has got together again, and we have a new found sense of determination to work more on SFTA.

The Characters Page and the Timeline Page will be updated within the next couple of weeks, and it brings me great pleasure to announce a new demo is in the works.

SFTA Phoenix Demo

Aptly named as it comes at a time of revival of the project, and is currently aimed to be completed by Easter 2005.

Sadly, I have no details about this new demo at present… Its safe to say it will expand upon the Tech-Demo which we released a while ago, as for a playable demo, we cant be sure.. Only time will tell.

As soon as I have more details, you guys will be the first to know right here @ TSS.

SFTA HQ Contest ended

sadly, it seems the novelty of this contest has died out. So ive decided to end it here. The very few submissions i recieved for part 3 HAVE been saved and will be taken into consideration when deciding a winner.

As for the winner, s/he is yet to be decided. Ill talk to Develin and Produn about this, and hopefully we will come to some kind of agreement. The Winner will have a playable character named to their choosing and designed to their specifications for the game, they will also recieve a Shining Force Manga Phone card and a Shining game (probably SF:RotDD or Shining Tears) The runner-ups will recieve rare Shining Tears promotional fliers.

FYI, here is a complete list of possible contest winners. (nicknames from SFC)

Aldur, Amelie, Arc_the_Lad, Assassins, Cyric, Cyrus, Darksol, Dray, Fonzie, Frodo, Gritzcolin, Kaerou, Kyou, Lord of the Isles, Lorddarkstorm, Lost Soul, Lunar Eclipse, Noma, OmegaRed64, Ranz, Rayin, Rusty, Shining Wolf, Sniper, Stormskie, Sui, The tall guy, Torak, Triden, Undead Priestess, Voxpvoxd, Wildrosebc, Winged-Samurai, Wyndigo

stay tuned, the winner will be decided soon.

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