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Shining Odyssey update

I promised you a double update, so here you go ;) This is actually the last email response I’ve received, so hopefully by now you should be fully clued-up as to where our Shining fangames are in their development. If you still have any questions, I’ll be listing the addresses and phone numbers of the developers, so you can get real answers ;)

Shining Odyssey

Project website

Development team:

Zylokh – programmer, artist, “scenarist” (I think that means he devised the scenario – Newts)
Philippe, Magalie, Remi – moral support

Development language
C++ builder

Most recent release, 31st December 2003

Most recent update or newsworthy happening:

The project is somewhat paused until the end of June 2004 due to professional exams I have to take this year. Yet, I have been reworking a little bit on the character graphics recently. Devlopment should start again in September 2004. A release scheduled before the end of 2004? That would be great.

Other comments:

8 chapters are programmed for this epic journey. Character designers and/or artists, programmers are heartily welcome to be part of the project (…)

Newts says: Sounds like another developer has hit the hassle of exams, only this time it looks like the summer development route isn’t an option, which is a shame. Also, it sounds as if the development team could use some expansion, which is another common problem with all fangames. Still, I hope Zylokh can overcome these problems and produce a really high quality fangame :)

Newts also says: I was only joking about the phone numbers earlier :P The only project I’m yet to hear from is Matty B‘s Shining Force Online, so I hope this series of news posts has rekindled your interest in the fangame world :D

New Shining Odyssey demo out!

Note: Both links are dead. See Shining Odyssey project page for latest updates.

The demo contains the intro scene and the 1st battle, and will be the last demo for a while, as Shining Odyssey will remain somewhat in the fridge for a while..

You can visit his site for screenies at or download the demo at

Enjoy! :D