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Shining Flash Q&A

I’ve recently checked the comments area of SF and discovered people had used it to post some questions. I apologize for being so late in answering them, I simply stopped checking the data-store for new comments, it was never heavily used. Anyway here they are:

For the latest demo:

Can you add a section somewhere that tells us the controls?
Yes, that sounds like a good idea :P. I’ll get to it soon, meanwhile:
Move Character/Navigate menu: Arrow Keys
Bring Up Menu/Select: “Delete” Key or “A” key
Deselect/Escape: “End” Key or “S” key
Talk to Townspeople/Open Chests/Bring Up Events: “Page Down” Key or “D” key

If at any time the controls don’t seem to work it’s probably because the game doesn’t have the focus. You can give the game the focus by clicking anywhere on its display screen.

How do you enter the castle?
You don’t :P. The current demo has only the Town portion, you can’t go into the castle as I haven’t built the map for it yet. You are able to leave town, however, through the exit at bottom left region of the map. Supposedly the exit should take you to zone just outside the castle where you could go into the Kingdom of Galam (if I’m correct, I’m not a SFII wiz ;)). However, because that map is not completed either, although I have most of it done, beautifully if I may say, an exact replica, but I’m missing some key tiles ( it’s on my to-do list). That means that after you exit it you are brought to an unrelated location (the original starting location for previous demos of SF).

Why won’t this work?!!!
There are a variety of reasons why the movie might not work:
You do not have Flash Player 7 or an earlier version installed. (download from the Macromedia Website )
If the movie does not finish loading it might have locked. Clean your browser cache (In Internet Explorer click Tools – Internet Options – Delete Files) and then reload the page.
If you are on a public facility such as a library, ActiveX content has only limited functionality. This means either the Flash Player is not installed or it is but due to security settings flash objects do not load.

For the old demo:

What are the directions to play these games? How do you end your turn/attack?
The controls for the new demo were given above, the controls for the old demo are slightly different:
Move Character/Navigate menu: Arrow Keys
Bring Up Menu/Select: “Insert” Key
Deselect/Escape: “Home” Key
Talk to Townspeople/Open Chests/Bring Up Events: “Page Up” Key

The battle engine controls are the same as the controls for the new demo. Sorry for this incoherence.

The battle engine is rather old and somewhat buggy, so it sometimes just hangs (particularly after casting spells). This engine has been “discontinued”.

I don’t know how to get started in playing the demos.
You need to register to play the demos. The registration process is very short and easy (really really). In Shining Flash’s main page click on register (at the bottom of the page below the awesome screenshots). You are brought to the registration page. Fill out the required information and click register, you are now registered. Go back to the main page and, if you have not been automatically logged in, do so now. After you login you are brought to the My SF page where a list of the various demos are available (make sure you try the Shining Flash Console). Click on a demo to launch it.

Where can i get permission to use that shining force 2 image with the japanese writing?
That image is not “mine”, I “stole” it from SFC (I did send Moogie an email about it) though so I would suggest the same conduct. Generally you would add a caption next to the image indicating the source. I’ve chosen to link to SFC and its forums instead simply for aesthetic reasons, it’s not something that is particularly enforced.


Multiplayer Shining Battles

I want to announce that i’ll be putting Shining Flash on hold for what i would call “a more worthy project.” I’ve been playing around with MM Communication Server and realized that a one-on-one Shining Style battle system is very much within the realm of possibilities. The turn-based nature of the Shining Style battle system fits perfectly within the multiplayer scheme, like a good old chess game.

Furthermore there are some major advantages, for example there’s no need for Artificial Intelligence.

I’ve created a Flash Chat application to showcase the server. Recently i have expanded the chat to contain a lobby and allow users to pair up to play a game, so things are already in motion. I don’t have a page up for this project yet, but i’ll be posting news here to keep things updated.

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