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Worklog begins

Tatakai Test Release v1.4 is released and testing is going well.

Since many testers are eager to get developing their own MODs, development has begun on the Tatakai editor, called Tateru.

View updates at the Tateru homepage at

Tateru development begins

Having released Tatakai v1.4 to testers, the feedback shows that many testers want to develop MODs of their own. Therefore, development of Tateru has begun in eagernest.

Updates soon with screenshots. I plan to make Tateru a free release instead of monitoring and testing it, since it relies mainly on pre-existing Windows components.

Tatakai v1.4 out!

After months of peaceful development, IkitClaw has decided to launch a fresh beta version of Tatakai. You’ll have to visit the site in order to obtain it, as I’m not allowed to put it up in public yet ;)

Here are the accompanying notes directly from IkitClaw:

Tatakai v1.4 has now been released. See the site for more info at


  • More from Moogie’s MOD
  • Flying heroes & monsters
  • Better town menu system, incorporating the item chest for item storage.

Work on Tateru should commence soon, maybe to get the application core together. This should make it easier to build Tatakai MODs without headscratching and fixed-length string editing !

Huzzah !

PS: For users with WinXP SP2 and the evil Windows Security Centre, the blocked content on my page is in fact just a mouseOver TABLE background colour change – I left it in to show how silly the WSC is.

Tatakai update

IkitClaw released v1.3 to the Tatakai beta testers. Here’s the accompanying message. :)

Tatakai test release v1.3 has just been uploaded and testers have been notified.

Amongst other things, the new Tatakai has :

  • experience for friendly magic – an overlooked feature has been added
  • attack action always default selection – avoids accidental stay orders
  • individual hero, monster and item SFX
  • more flexible image definitions
  • introduced town files making each town specific
  • variable levels of monster AI

The structure of the resource files has been reworked, and individual town files have been added. I’m currently working on a richer town customisation, allowing shop stock to be set, and eventually have town walkabouts too !

Issues concerning display settings and changes still persist – I need to learn more about the variations behind DirectDraw…

If you want access to the beta as well, feel free to check out the Project page for more info :).

Edit: The Tatakai site has had an update as well. Feel free to check it out at

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