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Shining Force Game Development Toolkit

Shuni from the Shining Force Central Forums has posted some exciting news:

Anyway, i’m currently working on something I would call a toolkit to creating shining force game using actionscript (Flash). I’ve offered my help for the community project but a lot of things are going on regarding the Game Engine there so I’m not sure I’ll be useful, and even so maybe some other people might like this.

I’ve got a solid tile engine running and i’m working on the things that matters most, the tools that goes with it, namely a map editor / animation editor / item database etc …

The project can be found at Google Code (shining-fluff-devkit), and contains some important bits and pieces for Shining developers including:

  • System and text fonts
  • Game state management
  • Tile maps and sprites
  • Menus
  • …and much more!

An example project is also available so you can see what the engine is capable of, and even at this early stage it is looking impressive! It’s well worth checking out if you want to make your own Shining game.

Source: Shining Force game development toolkit

BABS 2.5 – Source Released

BABS - Source Code Released (any excuse to post a fireball screenshot again)

Good news, everyone!

The Java source code from the latest version of B.A.B.S. has just been released. You can find more information on this version of B.A.B.S.  here. It’s the most complete version to date, and features plenty of campaign levels and battles for you to play with.

If you’d to contribute anything (source, images, music or ideas), feel free to drop by the forum and say hello :)

Anyway, here’s the good stuff: Download the source code here.

Shining Force 2 Remake – Source Released

Shining Force 2 Remake - Source Code Released

Here’s some great news for Shining Force fangame developers. Aura4, author of the Shining Force II remake project, has released the source code for the original demo!

You’ll need a few things before it will compile:

There’s more information on the download page, including a few tweaks you’ll need to make to get everything playing nicely.

Enough talk, Go get it!

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