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Shining Force Minecraft Textures

You may have heard of a little game called Minecraft which is apparently quite popular these days. It may be a all the rage, but how could it be made better? With Shining Force textures, of course!

Mythra13 has released a texture pack for Minecraft that makes everything more Shining style, so now you have no excuse for not recreating the entirety of Granseal in block form.

This texture pack includes plenty of changes, including dirt and grass textures, as well as a rather cool Max skin for the main player. Check out the forum topic for more screenshots and videos of it in action.

Source: [16X] [1.7] SHINING FORCE V1.3

Note: We originally attributed this texture pack to another Minecraft user who was taking credit for the work of Mythral13. Our sincere apologies to Mythral13 for this error.

Shining Force Central Redesign Completed

new-look-sfc Yesterday saw Shining Force Central updated with a brand new redesign. Not only does it look fantastic, but there’s a lot of updated content to be found too.

It’s great to see that Shining fans still have reasons to be cheerful, and it really shows how strong the fanbase is. Now stop reading this and check out the new design!

Shining Force Central

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