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SF:TA update

We only just added this to the projects page, but from the sounds of bEn’s email it’s already one of the biggest fangame projects out there.

Project title: Shining Force: The Awakening

Website: Website or Forum

Development team:

Develin (bEn) – programmer
Grom – story/music/design
Produn – artist/story/design
Cortez – programmer
Norrin Radd – music
Lazy Bum (he gets everywhere! – Newts) – music
Jade – various
Isandier – programmer

Development language: C++, with some unique scripting and graphic languages

Most recent release: The SF:TA Christmas Demo

Most recent update/newsworthy happening:

The [sf:ta] HQQuote contest will return shortly – after a successful start we had to hold it as our lead artist Produn was suffering from a severe illness. Nevertheless he is getting better so we will be able to go on asap. Next to that we will be able to update our site again then to add the maps Produn created shortly before his illness and also some great music tracks will follow.
After being promoted to a full member (tho he still doesn’t know that) Cortez is motivated to give the programming team a kickstart.
Our latest addtion Isandir is ready for action after his exams and will hopefully be an addition to our team.
The game is on and you can expect a major jumpstart from [sf:ta] during the next weeks.

Other comments: Keep on Shining!

Whew! A fairly large update on SF:TA, as you can see. By the sounds of it, they’ve amassed a large team of talented and motivated individuals, which as we all know is an almost impossible thing to come by :P Good luck to the team!

Tomorrow there’ll be an update on everyone’s favourite BYOND game, Dream Shining Character. Stay tuned!

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