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Shining Flash update

Another shortish update today :)

Shining Flash

Project website

Development team:
Job (Djobi) – programming, game conception

Development language: Flash MX/ActionScript

Most recent release

Most recent update/newsworthy happening:
Currently reproducing another SFII map (the one that leads from Granseal to Kazin’s quarters). This will be interesting as i’ll be able to incorporate map transitions in the game and see if they work out. As usual, the engine is also being tweaked to obtain the best performance.

Newts says: Shining Flash dates back quite a way, and is one of the most advanced Shining fangames currently available. Job was also the developer of a TSS favourite pastime, Penn Pong. Expect big things from this one!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting all the latest gossip on one of those projects which I thought had disappeared, Lazy Bum‘s Shining Truth. Don’t miss it!

Shining Flash Newsflash!

Job is well on his way with his new Shining Flash site, and is focussing on the development of his game once more!

The new site has many cool features, like access to three different Shining Flash Demo’s, but also the resurrection of Penn Pong! Also, the display is shorthand Shining Source News is rather nifty (seems like Ty did right by giving this site some xml functionality :D)

Anyway, go check his masterpiece out at :)

Shining FLash Update

There’s a new shining flash demo available. New features include:

  • Display bug fixed. (This bug caused an eight pixel black margin on the bottom and left side of the screen when the user moved in the respective direction.)
  • Extended the game area. It used to be 400*320, but now is 400*400. This extra area includes an always visible menu with plenty of options, and is also used so that the dialogue box doesn’t cover half the screen, the dialogue box has actually been pushed down.
  • New in-game menu includes display, sound and game options. You can now change the volume and pan of the background music, hide/show the various layers of the game, and change the dialogue speed. :)

You can launch the game here (opens up a new window):

Granseal is back

The new shining flash demo is here.
New features include:

  • Replica of the town of Granseal, slightly extended and altered.
  • Plenty of characters and storyline.
  • Search ability. Search a spot by selecting search from the menu, or by pressing the “C” button, so you can now read signs, papers, inspect wells, bookshelves, search chests, vases, and barrels and any place at all.

Insert Button – Select, call menu
Home Button – Deselect, uncall menu
PageUp Button – Talk to people, search, bring up events.
Arrow Keys – Walk around.

Click Here To Launch SF

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