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How to create Shining music

A few members of our community have requested a simple tutorial that can shed a little light on how to go about creating original music for their fangame. The first three articles will deal with the actual technical aspects of software and hardware, rather than the actual composition side of things. In time I may write an article on composition and theory.

Here I’m going to share three different methods to help you get that tune onto a computer and sounding excellent:

  • Direct recording – if you have an instrument and a microphone, this lets you record what you play
  • Tracking – ideal if you have no specific musical equipment other than a PC.
  • A combination – combines the fluidity of playing with the precision of computer editing.

Obviously the tutorial you find most helpful will depend on what kind of equipment, interests and knowledge you have. Even if you know which one you’re going to use, it’s still worth reading the others as I’ll do my best to think of useful hints as I go along.

If you have any questions or feedback you can contact me at, leave a message on Ye Olde Blah or write a comment on any of the articles themselves, including this page.

Article one – direct recording.

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