Worklog – November 28th, 2002

Another month, another Dev Diary. I’m writing this at 2am after 6 hours of coding, so excuse the lack of coherence.

  • Got four absolute monsters of assignments for January hand-ins. Ouch.
  • Interviewed for TSS. Hopefully a link will be up soon.
  • More source slicing. What’s left is a lot tighter than before. Hopefully the weekend shall yield more results.
  • Started writing an A* algorithm for the enemy AI (as well as an article to go with it.) It’s not as easy as I thought, but it should be done soon.
  • More design doc, more website.
  • Worked on SODA some more. Completely overhauled the interface.
  • Started plans for the Atari SO.
  • More website stuff.
  • Did the Hussien Skank.

My bed looks very comfy. Night!


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