The end of an era?

From Ye Olde Chat tonight.

[20:22] [Ty] Who here wants to know a secret?
[20:22] [Devlyn] I'm really curious about what you've got on your mind :).
[20:22] [Newts] Not me
[20:23] [Ty] You know SO demo 3B?
[20:23] [Ty] That's as far as it'll ever get :P
[20:23] [Devlyn] Really?
[20:23] * WeirdGuy covers
[20:23] [Devlyn] Are you gonna can it??
[20:23] [WeirdGuy] aaah, its the evil Tymaster
[20:24] [acebloke] so you gave up on it and started demo 4
[20:24] [Ty] Get in that can!
[20:24] [Ty] demo 3B was a baby form of demo 4
[20:25] [acebloke] so thats it ? no more SO ?
[20:25] [Ty] All good things come to an end

I’m off on holiday on Friday, so the hate mail will have to wait until I get back.

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