Shining Odyssey screenshots!

I thought this might be worth posting about :).

Coming directly from Zylokh:

Battle 1 is finally bug free (or so it seems…)
In addition, I’ve been working on graphics, lately.
2 sceenshots are available on the web site at (dead)

Left before next release:
– items (weapons, …, money, shops), (long and tough)
– Friendship, (long, easy)
– Experience points and levels, (easy)
– Ennemies’ AI (could take a while)
– Show text letters one by one… (easy?)
– Saving/loading (???)
– paralyze (easy)
– Show accessible tiles during battle, (should be easy)
– battle 2 (already started)
– music (should also be easy)

Maybe I won’t add all these before next release…

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