Sega opens new Shining website

Thanks to nuckles87 from our affiliate Dreamflint for this contribution!

Apparently Sega is going to launch a new website about the upcoming Shining games on April 30th. The website, aptly named “Shining World” (*cough* ripoff :P *cough*) will feature information about three different Shining games, including Shining Tears and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.

Nuckles added the following about the possible third project:

“The other Shining games could very well be either the MMORPG Sega announced a few months ago, or an all new, original Shining adventure. Either way, this has left us with a lot to anticipate come E3.”

Sounds like we can expect a boom in the Shining scene (and a lot of ‘misguided’ people checking out Shining Force World for the official Shining info! ;)

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