Tatakai update

IkitClaw released v1.3 to the Tatakai beta testers. Here’s the accompanying message. :)

Tatakai test release v1.3 has just been uploaded and testers have been notified.

Amongst other things, the new Tatakai has :

  • experience for friendly magic – an overlooked feature has been added
  • attack action always default selection – avoids accidental stay orders
  • individual hero, monster and item SFX
  • more flexible image definitions
  • introduced town files making each town specific
  • variable levels of monster AI

The structure of the resource files has been reworked, and individual town files have been added. I’m currently working on a richer town customisation, allowing shop stock to be set, and eventually have town walkabouts too !

Issues concerning display settings and changes still persist – I need to learn more about the variations behind DirectDraw…

If you want access to the beta as well, feel free to check out the Project page for more info :).

Edit: The Tatakai site has had an update as well. Feel free to check it out at http://kyonshi.co.uk/tatakai/

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