More info on new project!

Direct from Redhawk:

There is going to be a Fan-made game released by some Shining Force fans of Shining Force Central and Shining Mania. The game will have the top 20 battles from all Shining Force games. So there will be a mix of SF2, Sf, SFCD, SFFC, etc… All of these battles that are picked will be ramade onto the game engine the fans are working with. Once the backrounds are all done the character list will be re-made. But it is not just from one game! It is from all games! You can have Bowie as the leader and Grace as the Healer. It is all up to the player of the game. But in total there will be 10 Shining characters picked from each game.

When you are going through these battles you are allowed to have a team of 12 on the Shining Force. But you may only pick one Swordsman/Hero.

Screenshots for this game are not yet announced but the game will be on the move ASAP. The project will not be showing anything to the public until all the battles are remade.

The project’s leader is Redhawk the owner of but there is no leader in this project, the whole team that is making this game will have to work togeather. Hopefully this game will be made becuase it should and will be one heck of a game.

There is a sign up topic at SFC, so be sure to let them know if you can lend a hand.

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