SFTA HQ Contest ended

sadly, it seems the novelty of this contest has died out. So ive decided to end it here. The very few submissions i recieved for part 3 HAVE been saved and will be taken into consideration when deciding a winner.

As for the winner, s/he is yet to be decided. Ill talk to Develin and Produn about this, and hopefully we will come to some kind of agreement. The Winner will have a playable character named to their choosing and designed to their specifications for the game, they will also recieve a Shining Force Manga Phone card and a Shining game (probably SF:RotDD or Shining Tears) The runner-ups will recieve rare Shining Tears promotional fliers.

FYI, here is a complete list of possible contest winners. (nicknames from SFC)

Aldur, Amelie, Arc_the_Lad, Assassins, Cyric, Cyrus, Darksol, Dray, Fonzie, Frodo, Gritzcolin, Kaerou, Kyou, Lord of the Isles, Lorddarkstorm, Lost Soul, Lunar Eclipse, Noma, OmegaRed64, Ranz, Rayin, Rusty, Shining Wolf, Sniper, Stormskie, Sui, The tall guy, Torak, Triden, Undead Priestess, Voxpvoxd, Wildrosebc, Winged-Samurai, Wyndigo

stay tuned, the winner will be decided soon.

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