SSC Update

It’s been a fatally bloody while, but finally I can report _some_ amount of progress on SSC again :).

The past bunch of days I’ve largely busy with setting up an entity and sprite system, and basically the turn based movement -in its simplest form- is done. Instead of making a full game right away, my first intention is to set up a hot seat multiplayer battle engine. Of course it’s bloody easy, but I’m missing it a little in existing projects.

I might call it BABS 2, I might not. Heck, I might die tomorrow!

On a more inviting note: if there are any severely bored souls out there, feel free to contribute the project with a few tiles and sprites. You can easily use the existing SMEE 1.0 (and the PNG export option inside it) for the tiles, and a sprite template should be in that distribution as well ;).

And if you’re truly lazy: send your old crap over! I’m sure I’ll find a useful purpose for it :D.

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