A Shake up at Bowie Online

There’s been another big shake up at Bowie Online folks.

We recently discovered a new game client thanks to our old employee Bowie.

We wrestled with some hard choices:

stay at player worlds, keep the maps, and pass up the swanky extra options, or move to our new engine, lose the maps, and be swept up in option heaven.

we chose to move ultimately, and because of the move, new things have developed.

we are implementing a dual promotion system for each character. in other words, each hero can be promoted twice.

we are therefore expanding our sprite collection massively (which will benefit the TRAP as well), and including a selection of edited sprites based on the originals, to give a total of 360 hero character sprites (instead of simply having the 30 promoted sprites we have now.)

The bad news is that we are effectively beginning afresh as far as the game goes, and a release is once again no longer on the cards for the near future, but the wait will be worth it.

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