The 3d look.

Hello there guys! This being my first news post I thought I’d outline my development plan with a series of eloquent paint drawings.

Ah, right, anyways…

I am currently working on Shining Song’s assets full steam, and I’m planning for a four month break where I can really concentrate on the project. If you have any questions about the project or would like to contribute, please drop me an e-mail at, or send me a PM on the boards where my handle is Jibe.

Here is a render of a character named Elger that I recently finished. This is his first costume before promotion. I am still working on a texturing technique for Shining Song, but will post images when I have the texuring completed.

Here is the same model in x-ray vision to give you a glimpse of the rigging that’s set up. (Bones for deforming and animating)

Check back for more updates soon!

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