Project Update – August 2nd, 2015

It’s been a while since the last project update, mostly due to a hardware failure at the start of the year. No data was lost, but it took a while to get everything back to normal. Unfortunately that means there hasn’t been a lot of progress, but things are still moving forward.

  • Website rebuilt — The new looks pretty much the same as the old one, but there are a lot of changes under the hood, mostly aimed at making it easier to publish game content to the web.
  • Scripting engine improvements — The script engine now supports some very basic editor integration, so scripts can be rebuild and reloaded whilst the game is still running. I expect this to be a huge help in the future
  • Lots of screen designs — UI development is my least favourite task, but it needs to be done. Various menu screens are starting to come together, and soon it will be possible to actually manage inventories and teams without using debug commands.

As always, more detailed notes can be found on the Development Notes section of the Shining Online site. Until next week!

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