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Worklog – November 18th, 2001

The first entry into the development diary! Ok, so I said SO had been going for over a year but I only just got around to noting down all the little changes that keep occurring during the development process. So, to recap on what’s new (since last year)

  • Original (ST) engine created from scratch.
  • PC engine also created.
  • Most item graphics drawn (not weapons or armour).
  • Online options devised, but remain undecided.
  • Maps of first few levels drawn.
  • Plot finalised.
  • Characters designed, but more on the way.
  • Low-grade weapons and armour designed.
  • Development tools started.

Shining Online stuff

I guess I should finally post something on the TSS main page, as I have been around here for quite a while.

So then, what’s happening in the world of Shining Online? Well, development tools are the order of the day, with an enemy creator now up and working, and half of the level editor designed and written. It’s still got a long way to go, but progress is steady.

Expect to see screenshots some day next week…

TSS on indefinate hold

For the first time in its history I’m going to put it on an indefinate hold. It wasn’t an easy decision, and overall I doubt it will be appreciated but I just need to get away from it.

I’d like to thank everyone for their tremendous support. Earl, Koshums, Century, Elvenfyre, Fox Astron, Saiyanora, Kusgam, Erenan, Einstein, Valderin, Lupo and everyone who took the time to look around here and who contributed in their own little way for their assistance. You were all a great help to me and without you I would not have made it this far in the first place. I will abandon it, but I hope someday I will have the passion to pick it up again.

It was a swell time, but for now I call it a day. And believe me, I have a harder time pressing the submit button than you have reading it…

Minor Things

I’ve changed some slight things at to prevent annoying pop-ups to …euhh… well pop up I guess :)

Also, I’ve started with the scripting of Mavellantica and I’m already halfway there :)

Updated the TSS history page

Whilst doing that I figured out what has actually been causing my lack of motivation.

The map of Tasur. 3 months of hard work and the final result doesn’t look good at all.

I’m not sure what to do at this point, motivation still isn’t smashing as you might have noticed. Perhaps redoing the Tasur map helps?

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