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First serious SF GBA site open

Although the Shining Force Remake has been out for a bit already. it took a while for the first real fansite to pop up. We even considered putting up a fansite here at the Source, to meet community demands (an expensive way to say that we were simply bored ;) ). Wolfgang beat us to it, and the result looks very good!

After a good amount of work, he opened up a fansite of Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon approximately two days ago.

The site is extremely cool, and it had me browsing for quite a while! Therefore, I couldn’t help myself but recommend this wonderful piece of work to the others :).

SFW is back!

Shining Force World has recieved a rather large amount of attention from me this week, and as a result the majority of the site has been restored.

All the reviews are back up, as well as Edgey and Newts famous battle guide for Shining Force 3!

Anything else? Well, there is a review of Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.

Also in the pipeline there will be previews and opinions on the two forthcoming PS2 shining titles and Newts has been busy in Paint working on some more SF3 battle maps.

Enjoy :)

Sega opens new Shining website

Thanks to nuckles87 from our affiliate Dreamflint for this contribution!

Apparently Sega is going to launch a new website about the upcoming Shining games on April 30th. The website, aptly named “Shining World” (*cough* ripoff :P *cough*) will feature information about three different Shining games, including Shining Tears and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.

Nuckles added the following about the possible third project:

“The other Shining games could very well be either the MMORPG Sega announced a few months ago, or an all new, original Shining adventure. Either way, this has left us with a lot to anticipate come E3.”

Sounds like we can expect a boom in the Shining scene (and a lot of ‘misguided’ people checking out Shining Force World for the official Shining info! ;)

Hmm, i never knew about this!

Well its news to me…so lets put it up anyways!

Got a Palm Tungsten T Handheld? Or maybe you have a Palm Tungsten C Handheld? Or even those of you with a Palm Zire 71 Handheld. Well then this may just interest you.

It seems that you can download Shining Force 2: Sword of Hajya for the sum of $19.95! With a demo also available for free. Just click here to get it. (dead link at :()

The review for SF2: TSOH can be found here.

New Shining Force game for the GBA!

Well, the news is late, but it’s here!

It would seem that it is basically a remake of the original Shining Force. But this will be more than just a simple conversion. The new game is set to feature:

  • 3 new characters.
  • An advanced “card” system involved in battle.
  • Improved graphics.

A large selection of screenshots can also be found here. It can clearly be seen that there is alot of work still to be done before the scheduled April (European) release date, but if the original gameplay is maintained and the new features are good then Sega are definitely onto a winner.

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