Bowie Online 1st TSS News Update

Hello everyone at the Shining Source. I am Stordarth, Leader of the Bowie Online project. Here’s a few facts about the project at the moment:

This game uses an engine called Player Worlds (PW), and is an Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). You will be able to join up with your friends in a massive online world, and battle foes, each other (once level 10 or higher) and solve quests and gain items.

The game is primarily set in the world of shining force 2. Our mappers are working hard to remap Grans Island and Parmecia with great accuracy, using tiles ripped directly from the game, to provide the shining force 2 authenticity we hope for. However, true authenticity will not be possible, since the style of Bowie Online is very different from the game it is based around. Bowie Online is not a turn based war game, it is more of the style of Shining Soul, in that you wander the world, destroying enemies in a hack-and-slash game engine.

Every character sprite from SFII is featured in their promoted forms, and the staff, and those who earn them, can have their own snazzy custom made sprites, marking them out as special individuals.

Mapping is progressing steadily. Grans Island Overworld is already complete, but the slow rate of tile ripping is this project’s limiting factor, and since im the one doing it, besides all of the other things i have to do, its no wonder its going slowly.

This said, beta testing has already begun amongst the moderators of our forum, and is reprotedly going well. a special town, unique to Bowie Online (BO) and an accompanying dungeon are already completed for the purpose of beta testing, and will also be the main location for newbie players to get to grips with the game upon release.

We dont intend to leave it there either. Once the world of SFII is finished, we plane to create our own lands, all linked by the secret place, the tunnels of the ancients (where claude the golem resides in the original game).

That about covers all the news I have right about now. Once some big developments occur, ill post here again. until then, farewell.

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stordarth, whats the bowie online website im a HUGE shining force fan and want to try this out as soon as your finished please mail me back @

:( matt Feb 14, 2012 at 6:29 pm

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