BABS 2.25 released ;)

A heap of updates in this one, here’s a small list:

  • Improved spell support
    • Added Heal 1-2, Blaze 1-3 and Bolt 1-2
    • Added support for 4 spells per character
  • Implemented a VERY basic AI.
    • AI will walk randomly within range and then attack whenever possible. You can enable it for any entity by setting “(entitynumber).ai=1” in the accompanying entityfile.
  • Battle talk option
  • Optimized Smee tile editor
    • Improved import tileset and load new tileset features.
    • Right mouse button can also hold a color now.
  • Fixed the messy SMEE GUI on startup
  • Enhanced hit point display in combat
  • Additional battle backgrounds and land types :)

You can already see the screenshots below and the download link waay above. It’s still more or less a beta version, so any feedback is certainly appreciated!

I hope you guys will like it :)

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