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From this topic on YOB.

“I suppose I’d best make an announcement about this.

Firstly, I’d like to say a massive thank-you to the people who’ve voiced their support for the project. I realise some (most) of you were just posting ‘cos people here made you, but I’ll let that count :P

Anyways, I’m sure some of you are eager to know if work on SO will resume. The old code is more than a little dated, so most of it is being scrapped. Fear not though, the new features should make up for this short delay in restarting things. There’s still some kinks in the design to work out, but it’ll all get sorted in time. As always, anyone who wants to suggest a feature is welcome to. No idea when the next demo will be out. I wouldn’t count on it being in the next few months, as I have a degree and a girlfriend to take care of. I’ll be using the worklog feature on the site to keep you all updated, so once I fix the site up you can check there to see what me and Newts are doing =)

So in other words, yes, it’s back.”

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