Wanted: Visual Basic 6 guru

From stordarth of the Bowie Online team:

We have encountered a bit of a setback. The lead programmer of the engine we were using has decided to hang up his spurs, and is no longer programming the engine. This means we are stuck with the features that are there at the moment. The source code for engine has been released however, and one of our staff is looking into it to see if he can continue with the engine. Whilst I am confident he can do a bit, I fear we may be stuck in a rut. If there is anyone out there who knows how to use visual basic 6, and is interested in building on an online game engine that is already established quite well, I’d be glad to hear from you, as my staff are spread thinly enough as it is.

Failing that, we may be forced to work without features that were due to appear in the next release that was planned, and that will put the game back a lot.

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