The Legend of Syro – Chapter 1 released

Chapter 1 of The Legend of Syro is now available for download, and it’s been well worth the wait!

A quick list of changes in the complete story:

  • 4 New battles
  • Valdrfjell (Town)
  • New Enemies
  • Forest Serpent
  • Bat
  • Timber Wolf
  • Pack Leader
  • Vampire Bat
  • Golem
  • RockGolem
  • Lots of new cutscenes

See the complete changelog for all changes in this version (and all previous ones).

There are also factions to join, secrets to find and a full story to play through. The battle engine is extremely polished, items and magic all work nicely. Enemies also have pretty good AI and won’t hesitate to attack your healer at the worst possible time.

Download: The Legend of Syro 1.6.1

News and updates about the project are posted at Ye Olde Blah and SFC pretty frequently. You can also view the project page here at The Shining Source.

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