Kings of Ember 0.5.1 released

DrEthan dropped by Ye Olde Blah to spread a little extra cheer for the holidays – a new demo of Kings of Ember!

Hello everyone, happy holidays! I just updated my game on GameJolt and I decided to post a summary here! So here is a list of changes (this is usually called a change list)

  • Added attack animation for Enu Knight casting magic.
  • Redid the inventory menu so that it is now a scroll rect and you can see the stats of the items.
  • Added death animations for the Goblin and the Brick Man.
  • Removed the black outline for the villager eyes and nose.
  • Made the villager’s pupils be in the center of the eye instead of them being cross-eyed.
  • Implemented walls, art on the walls, windows on the walls, door, and a countertop.

Read the whole change list here

Have a good time with your family and friends, and if you have comments or suggestions please post them down below. Bye!
– DrEthan

The new demo is available on the Kings of Ember project page at Game Jolt. Go try it out!

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