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Project Pages Polished

Just spent a few hours cleaning up the project pages and making them a little prettier. Still working on the main project page and author pages, but it’s getting there.

Check out a few of the updated projects:

If you have a project and want it to have a pretty banner, you want your user sprite changing, or anything else really, drop me a line on Ye Olde Blah and I’ll fix it up.

A New Batch of Content

I just finished uploading another bunch of old news stories. There were a few surprises along the way, and I’ve added the following articles from the old archives:

There’s still about 30 old stories to be added, but I’ve had enough for today. Maybe soon there will be something new to write about :D

Oh, and the history of TSS has been updated too.

Ye Olde News


I’ve just finished adding some old news stories to the archives. There’s about another 50 posts to go, but they’re going to take more work, so probably won’t be done for a while.

If you fancy a stroll down memory lane, check out the news archives (the real old stuff is at the bottom).

Whilst we’re in a nostalgic mood, I finally got around to posting a very old interview with Nick (creator of Legend of Atlantis). Sadly, there are no updates on the game, but it’s fun to remember the good times.

Also, if Nick is reading this it might encourage him to carry on ;)

I have a few ideas for more interviews, but suggestions in the comments are always welcome.

Quick site update


There’s been a few changes to the site over the past few days, including some new resources to play with and a few bits of design cleaned up:

New tileset

Digging around on the old site, I found some of the original Shiny Sword tiles that were part of Shining Aid. I’ve added them in the titlesets section.

New source code

The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of source code released. It’s now been uploaded and added to the downloads section, as well as Shining Aid’s “Source Code” page.

Other changes

A few pages have been cleaned up, mostly in Shining Aid, so it should be easier to find things now. If you find any problems or errors, let me know in the comments and I’ll sort them out :)

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