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Worklog – March 15th, 2002

Been a while. And yes, I have been working…just not as hard as I should =P

  • Added more compression, managing to keep the entire game pretty small so far. Which is also nice.
  • Started adding some of the more fundamental battle system components. Like enemies.
  • Drew some more enemies (1 VERY cool enemy), and had lots of lovely weapon submissions (Thanks to Valderin, Sir Phill and Chris D for those).
  • Added more to the title screen, and is now more functional.
  • Layed the foundations for more online options – good ones too.
  • Stripped the source code of all the junk that’s accumulated in the last few versions (demo 3 was about version 12 – now on version 16)
  • Fixed a few bugs, and tweaked here and there.
  • Realised that for the amount of time I’ve had, I’ve done very little..
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