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XSI connection

I am currently working on integrating the TV3D Engine into Softimage XSI. The plan is being able to do all animation in XSI and having an instant feedback. Afterwards the entire scene gets exported into a custom fileformat.

Working fulltime

Hi all,

i will be taking about six months to a year off, so that i can solely work on the game fulltime, starting in july! That’s 10 weeks from now. This means i will progress much faster, and probably have a close to complete gameplay demo two or three months later. I hope the TV3D6.5 beta (3D Engine) will go public until then, otherwise i am not allowed to make a release :)

I was working on my editor during the weekends, so that’s halfway complete now. I decided to go with Softimage XSI for content creation, so the next step is to purchase that and integrate it into my working pipeline.

So i am kinda excited about dedicating more time to the game, then i can push it more. It’s gonna be awesome :)

Oh yeah, i am going to visit the E3 in Los Angeles this year, i’ll try to get some publisher’s adresses. Who cares if it’s utopic or not :)

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